The island Archipelago with the never ending sunny days, crystal blue seas and friendly smiles.

The Maltese islands, affectionately known as the gem of the Mediterranean due to their position in the heart of the Mediterranean sea, are a cluster of 3 sister islands  Malta, Gozo and Comino. Easy Job Bridge is based in Malta the largest of the three islands, and the economic hub of the Archipelago.

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Malta’s climate is very warm, with temperatures rising above 30 degrees in Summer, and rarely going below 10 degrees in Winter. We enjoy good weather all year round and are famously known to have 300 out of 365 days of sun throughout the year.

Our weather and climate will allow you to enjoy our beautiful beaches and enjoy swimming, even up to November at times!  


A large range of  festivities, cultural events and carnivals are celebrated all year round across the Maltese islands. Malta is especially renowned for its iconic and colourful ‘festa‘ days which are the life and soul of the Maltese villages. Annual feast days in every village celebrate a different patron saint, and festivities alongside the feast will include processions, street decorations, fireworks displays and music!

Some of these days are also national holidays, with the most celebrated one being the Feast of Santa Marija in August. As a predominantly Catholic country; religious holidays such as Christmas and Easter are greatly celebrated.

Throughout the long Mediterranean Summer, Malta also boasts many international music festivals and events, as well as a diverse array of Maltese festivals celebrating art, food, culture and music.


Maltese cuisine represents Malta’s rich history with a blend of European, Mediterranean and North African influences.

Maltese foods include; ‘Ħobż tal-Malti’ translating to ‘Maltese bread’ which is a delicious sourdough bread enjoyed with olive oil, tomato paste, tuna and capers, ‘Timpana’ a popular Italian inspired pasta dish, and most famously ‘Pastizzi’ which is the nation’s favourite pastry filled with either ricotta or peas (and in some places – nutella!)

Due to its geographical location and the surrounding Mediterranean sea, many Maltese dishes include delicious fresh seafood, but there as many food options to suit any diet!

Malta has two official languages: Maltese and English with the former being the national language. The language spoken by locals in Malta, Malti (Maltese) is the only semitic language written in Latin characters. The Maltese language developed through its long and rich history of different rulers, with  influences from many different languages, mainly Italian, Arabic and English.

But don’t worry if you’re coming here for your internship, the majority of the Maltese population is fluent in English, and all signs, menu and official documents are available in English!


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