Diversity in Vocational Training SME

Status: Approved and Launching in Q2 2024 Dates: 2024 – 2026 This is a small scale, 3-partner project between Germany (lead), Ireland and Malta, with the aim of establishing a diversity network in Germany and setting up training and exchange programmes with the assistance of subject matter experts amongst the 3 partners. This partnership will […]

Building a VET mobility learning bridge between Hungary and Malta – From NEET to EET

Status: Finalised Dates: 2021 – 2023 This 2 partner, two-year small-scale project was set up in order to transfer hosting best practices from the Malta partner to the Hungarian partner, and in return Easy Job Bridge would gain network and better reach in Hungary. This project was closed successfully in Q1 2024 and collaboration between […]

Language Detective

Status: Finalised Dates: 2021 – 2023 Is another KA2 we had the pleasure to participate in and was built on a partnership between Malta, Germany, UK, with Poland as a lead partner. The partners came together to build a language learning interactive game which uses novel technology to enhance student interaction and use of a […]

Connecting Europe

Status: In progress Dates: 2021 – 2024 Connecting Europe Is a large scale 10 partner project, designed to better equip its members in preparing and assisting students undertaking mobilities. In addition to having better prepared participants, the partnership also aims to upskill its members to step up their game and offer better quality educational services. […]

SuSi: Sustainability in Vocational Education and Training Project

Main Objective: The integration of the theme of sustainability within the field of initial vocational education and training Duration: 2 year duration from 2018-2020 Main Partner: IZAG gGmbH – Germany Other Partners: SourceResource SRE Enterprise and Technical Ltd. – IrelandCap Ulysse – FranceIZI Ltd (Easy Job Bridge) – MaltaEuropäischer Bildungsverbund e.V. – GermanyEUROYOUTH Portugal – […]