No, all of our internships are unpaid. What we require from a host company is that they provide the interns with mentorship, hands on experience and the appropriate training required to perform the tasks given to them.

Easy Job Bridge will not charge a fee for hosting any interns.

No, we take care of all accommodation needs for the students!

The duration of the internship may vary from student to student, we will inform you of the duration of each student upon sending you the application. The duration of the work placement typically varies between 3 weeks to 9 months, depending on the industry and type of the mobility programme.

The hours usually range between 30-40 hours per week. This depends on the students’ requirements from their school and/or their personal preference. Prior to the students’ arrival we will always let you know how many hours they will be able to work.

Every intern coming to Malta through Easy Job Bridge will be assigned a mentor from Easy Job Bridge, who will also be your first point of contact while hosting the student. The coordinator will handle all of the required documents, and ensure signatures from necessary parties are collected on, or prior to the first day of the students’ internship.

Once a placement has been confirmed with a host company, the Easy Job Bridge coordinator will be back in touch again closer to the students’ arrival to schedule an introductory meeting between the host company (mentor) and the student.

During this meeting all the required documents will be presented and signed where necessary, and the host company will be informed should any evaluation be required at the end of the internship. This is also a great opportunity to discuss in person, the students working hours, appropriate dress code and explain a broad outline of the tasks that are being assigned to the intern.

Some students are required to collect a signed evaluation from the host company at the end of their internship. In this case, the form would be provided by the intern before the end of their work placement.