Whether you are applying for a job or an internship, you should definitely consider these tips on preparing the curriculum vitae (CV, for short) to stand out. It is the first thing your future employers will see, so make sure to make a statement and impress them. 

1. Font, Format & Consistency 

You can use one of the most commonly used fonts for CVs such as Arial, Times New Roman, Tahoma and Helvetica. The reason is that almost every computer has these fonts, so when a company opens it, they can read it properly. Another suggestion is to save your CV in PDF format, so when it is opened, it does not lose the information, or worse, moves it around. Finally, make sure that your CV layout is consistent, has uniform headings, date format and structure. Spell-check or proofreading is always a good idea, before you send your CV out.


2.   Focus on the relevant details

Try to stick to two or three pages by focusing on the most important aspects and including the information that is most relevant to the kind of job you are seeking. Most CVs also have a short summary, describing who you are and what you want to achieve. 


3.   Avoid using photos if possible

Unless it is a requirement, you do not have to add a photo in your CV. Should you do need to include one, a professional portrait with a plain background would be the most ideal. 


4.   Start off with the most applicable experience

You want to start by listing the most applicable job experience i.e. the one that has helped you gain the skills that you would would also be using for the role you are applying for. This also applies for your academic background. If you have a degree, you could also mention the most important units that were covered.


5.   Add any additional skills

What are some of your abilities that can help you in this job? Focus on the most salient ones by listing four to five skills that best highlight your potential for the role you are applying for.


6Mention some of your hobbies and interests 

If you want to go a step further and feel like you need that final touch to strengthen your CV, you should also list some of your hobbies and interests. This is especially beneficial if you have any interests that are directly related to your job. For example, you might want to list any voluntary work or activity that you were doing in your free time that could help you in this job. 


7. Research the company or sector

When applying for a specific company or sector, research the qualities they are usually looking for similar positions. If a company/sector is looking for someone “detail-oriented” and you know that you are, include it in your CV. With this tip, you can tailor your skills to your future employer. Try to avoid generic phrases such as ‘hardworking’ and ’team player’. If possible, demonstrate real-life examples on how you handled certain situations or learned those skills. 


8. Do not lie!

The truth will come out eventually, and it might really put your in an embarrassing position with your future employer and damage their trust. 


* Please note, that if you are applying for an internship in Malta and you are sending Easy Job Bridge your CV, kindly make sure that it is submitted in English.

We hope that these tips will help you with your future career. But do not forget, that there is still an interview coming up. Do you want to know what to say during an interview? Check out our other blog post!