Recruiting Interns

Easy Job Bridge is committed to creating valuable partnerships with  host companies, to provide high quality internships which benefit both students and host companies equally. 

We work hand in hand with local host companies to carefully match their needs to our students’ profiles, whilst also providing support throughout the process. 

What are some benefits of hosting international interns?

Interns can be the perfect addition to your workplace, to increase efficiency and productivity. Interns generally are very open to learning, and therefore willing to perform a variety of tasks to expand their skill base, which can absolutely benefit your workplace

Recruiting international interns can allow your company to add more diversity and cultures to your workforce which in itself brings opportunity for new perspectives.

Our interns are usually new to working in the industry can often bring forward new and innovative ideas when added to the workforce. Since interns are usually currently studying, or have recently completed studies; they are typically tech savvy and up to date with current technological developments. 

Internships are a form of hands-on, practical education. By accepting to host an intern at your company, you will not only gain satisfaction from contributing to a student’s development, but this will also allow for the added benefit of employees able to gain leadership skills as mentors and trainers.


How can Easy Job Bridge facilitate the process?

Easy Job Bridge will.....

Handle Students'

accommodation and help them settle in Malta.

Handle Documentation

for students on behalf of host companies.

Act as a Bridge

for communication between students and host companies.

Match Students' Skills

and experience with the host company's needs.

If you want to request an intern or find our more about how we work