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Employers are increasingly looking for candidates who possess a wide range of soft skills.

Is it time to explore new skills to come out of your comfort zone? Visit us to learn Soft Skills which are critical for success in most careers as they help you build andmaintain relationships, navigate complex situations, and achieve your goals.

Skills to explore

A study by the National Soft SkillsAssociation found that 85% of job success is determinedby soft skills, while only 15% is determined by technical abilities (hard skills)

Soft skills—also known as “people skills” or “interpersonal skills”—are a set of personal attributes and abilities that allow individuals to effectively interact with others in a professional setting. At their core, these include the ability to collaborate effectively, manage time and communicate with clarity, among others.

At the top of the list of desirable soft skills is communication.

Communication is at the heart of everything we do. Conveying your thoughts clearly and listening to the ideas of those around you is essential in almost every job and industry. Whether you’re giving a presentation, writing an email, or simply having a conversation, communicating well can make the difference in getting things done…

Our vast experience welcoming students taught us that soft skills are difficult to measure or quantify; however, they are essential for success in a wide range of industries and professions.

Whether you are working with colleagues from diverse cultural backgrounds or communicating with customers and clients around the world—the ability to navigate complex interpersonal dynamics and build strong relationships is the key to success.

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