SuSi: Sustainability in Vocational Education and Training Project

Main Objective:

The integration of the theme of sustainability within the field of initial vocational education and training


2 year duration from 2018-2020

Main Partner:

IZAG gGmbH – Germany

Other Partners:

SourceResource SRE Enterprise and Technical Ltd. – Ireland
Cap Ulysse – France
IZI Ltd (Easy Job Bridge) – Malta
Europäischer Bildungsverbund e.V. – Germany
EUROYOUTH Portugal – Portugal

Summary of Project

Sustainability is the ability of being able to continue over a period of time. Apllied to business, sustainability is a strategy adapted to cause a positive impact on the environment and/or society.

The goal of this project is to integrate the theme of sustainability within the field of vocational training abroad.

Our project is based on the pilot project INEBB – Integrating Sustainable Development into Vocational Training – that aims to strengthen training with sustainability-oriented skills.

It is planned to transform the further education modules into units of learning outcomes and thereby convey the topic of sustainability in the context of stays abroad to participants (trainees, vocational students and dual students) from SMEs. This is not about the sustainability of mobility projects but about sustainability in business enterprises. Sustainability is not only a good intention, but should be seen by SMEs as an important business driver and strategic differentiator of their own brand, also for recruiting skilled workers.

The beneficiaries are the participants in their stay abroad, their companies or future employers, who will benefit from the knowledge, as well as the foreign companies, which can use interns to address “sustainability” in the company and to implement it step by step and company-related.

A secondary goal is to expand and consolidate partnerships for the organization of learning stays in Europe.

Cross-border mobility will continue to be of great importance, even after the current program generation (2014-2020). It is not only about the recognition of learning stays and individual VET, but also about getting to know other perspectives, opinions and languages, which ultimately also serves to secure peace in Europe. Good partners are key to organizing learning trips and partners outside the UK should Brexit impact the program generation.

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