Sue of all trades and master of all your administrative needs . Favourite accessory: beautiful smile . Often found enjoying a good musical with a wine glass in hand


Great at maintaining a strong relationship with host companies and students. .  Excelling at Excel and Premium French Translator  .  Queen of baked goods


Master at problem solving and excels at handling all student issues. . Office Instagram influencer and selfie queen . ​Personal office stylist


Organisational savvy excelling at coordinating brilliant internships . Master of all the chill vibes at the office . A Latin queen


Passionate about delivering the best experiences possible to  students . Master at public speaking and starting unnecessary debates . Often found hiding chocolate from Anastasia


Master at engaging our social media audience  . The Office DJ . CEO of eating all the chocolate at the office


Manages all your accommodation needs . Office mum . Queen of the office, first of her name, mother of plants


Nurtures and values client relationships  . Has a million and one hobbies  . Always has a chocolate stash in her drawer


Master at managing and uplifting the team . Documents all special moments through photos . Thinks koalas are the cutest animal on the planet