Internships not only offer the students an amazing opportunity to learn about culture, life and work in Malta, but also bring plenty of benefits to your company. From the moment an intern joins your company, they become part of the corporate family. Still not sure about hosting international interns? Then we hope these benefits are going to change your mind.

1. Bring fresh ideas and up-to-date perspectives

Often you need a young and unbiased mind to brainstorm and bring new ideas to your company. Interns can really open company’s eyes on a particular issue and think outside of the box, if given the chance.


2. Possible recruitments

Internships are great if you are considering future recruitment. Not only you get to know your intern and their way of working really well, but there is also no commitment, in case an intern did not succeed.


3. Staff development by mentoring

Hosting an intern with your company could boost your employee’s productivity and development. Take it as a development or training programme for your employees, where they can learn about leadership, team-work, recruitment, patience and training abilities.


4. Knowledge of global markets

Nowadays, more and more companies are expanding to global markets and your international interns could give you some tips on your target market, operations and demographics.


5. Cultural diversity

Being an intern from a different country or culture is beneficial for your company in terms of sharing the existing knowledge from both sides. Have you heard about that meal before? Do you know what is done during this time of the year in another country? It is time to find out with the help of your interns and broaden your horizons.


6. Affordability

Since our internships are unpaid and are covered by EU Funds, the company does not have to invest in anything else, except mentor’s time and training, making it a perfect opportunity for small and medium-sized businesses.


7. Increase productivity

Having one or even a few interns at your company will boost your productivity and efficiency. You will have more people working on a task, meaning more ideas will be coming in, and your to-do lists will get shorter and shorter in no time.


8. Developing future talents

If your company could bring back something to the community, it would be hiring an intern. You will be developing their talents and skills for their better future. It just feels good to give an intern a boost into their future career.


9. Tech & Trends

Interns tend to be more familiar with technologies and social media trends, meaning you can get fresher ideas for your marketing, IT or design departments.

Enthusiastic about gaining career experience, our international interns are qualified in their field, committed and flexible, and really motivated and passionate.

Many of our host companies had a wonderful experience with our students, and became close partners with Easy Job Bridge. If you are looking for some support for your team and a helping hand, do not miss the opportunity and contact Easy Job Bridge for more information!