Dear future Intern,

before I start sharing with you my personal Internship experience here in Malta, I find it very important to advise you not to be intimidated or disheartened by people’s opinion, especially by those who might have had a negative experience. It’s okay if people encourage you by sharing with you their perspective but try not to be discouraged by their experience. It would be a shame to miss out on a great opportunity and not experience an internship opportunity yourself.

I am telling you this because most of the people I have met said they had a bad experience, so their feedback put me in doubt about my intention to leave. I will show you the rest of my article, the various comments that I heard before leaving. My feelings and those of the trainees around me.

Along the way I noticed I was not the only one to be a little discouraged about doing an internship. Other people who applied for an Erasmus+ mobility who now I call my friends, were very nervous too. What I can guarantee you is that all my friends who are here with me now, who are really thinking about their future, are all happy to have agreed to continue this adventure in Malta. It will undoubtedly be an experience to never forget.



One of the main reasons behind my dream to travel abroad is to go back home a better person. Travelling gave me the opportunity to grow, discover facts about myself that I did not know. I encountered new surroundings and witnessed new cultures, made new friends, and discovered we all shared the same dream with different visions. It is the reason that has always drawn me behind the journey and then above all, there is LOVE. Because while traveling, we discover our humanity and that of others, which allows us to break down many mental barriers and to see further. This is also one of the reasons that made me feel less afraid to face things on my own.

When you are young and dream of traveling the world, you are often quickly frustrated when you realize that you cannot afford your ambitions at all. Erasmus+ (the EU Program in the fields of Education, Training, Youth and Sport) was a perfect opportunity to fulfill my dream.

A very close friend encouraged me to apply because she knew this was what I wanted for years. Having a diploma in Tourism and wishing to work in this sector where fluency in English is thoroughly required, I felt professionally hindered due to insufficient experience communicating in English. A unique opportunity to acquire an enriching experience in contact with other people from all over the world and to improve my practice of English to better prepare myself for the tourism career.

Also, this experience allows me to develop my open-mindedness and my ability to work in a team, taking me completely out of my comfort zone. Overcome a language barrier, and to learn how to cope with stress when communicating in English.

What is interesting is that people are as curious as me, I also bring my French culture to create a reciprocal exchange with all the people I meet. I’m a very shy person, but people are so welcoming it makes you forget your shyness a little.

To succeed you must be very independent and accountable. From the beginning Easy Job Bridge instruct certain responsibilities, so even if you are not ready, you will learn it as you go, as for example:

  • Easy Job Bridge meets you online to discuss what you would like to do exactly.

  • Prepare you for Interview questions Host Companies might ask.

  • Inform you to do research on companies interested to host you.

  • Send you Apartment information where you will be living.

  • Instruct you to book an appointment to take the Covid Swab-Test in Malta.

  • Guide you to pre-order a Bus Card on a website before your departure.

  • Information you about Malta.

  • Schedule a welcome meeting to meet you in person and take you to meet the Host Company where your placement will be.

  • Prepare you with various maps how to go to the office, how to go to the placement by bus.

  • Be available by email and phone to communicate with the organizations responsible for the trip (Easy Job Bridge, Eurotracks and Employment center (Pole Emploi).



The preparations for my departure were a real headache .. despite that, I made several mistakes like most interns. It is difficult to think all the possible steps, to think wisely about what to bring or leave. We may do checklists, but we always manage to forget something and notice it once we arrive in Malta. So here’s a little help.


The contents of your luggage:

  • Adapter type UK (mine I bought at the airport). I bought only one with additional USB inputs, like this, I can charger several things at the same time.

  • earplugs in case you are a light sleeper as there is a lot of construction in Malta.

  • PowerBank as well as a USB charger cable in addition (it always saved me when my phone went decharge)

  • I advise you to always have some cash with you and for the 1.50 bus because they won’t give you change!

  • toiletry bag with the necessary and sunscreen 50 imperatively

  • kit with the medication you need



⚠ ️Check the weather forecast for your destination the week before your trip so you can pack the right kind of clothes.
(I didn’t do it and had to buy clothes for the cold!!)

  • Remember to take all types of clothes whatever the season ! ( be careful dont overload your luggage) The weather is very changeable in Malta (I arrived around February, it was very cold. Around March and April too, but there days I could put on light clothes in the afternoon.) Also, don’t forget to ask your tutor what type of clothes you will be using during your internship period. There are people who had to buy clothes!!

  • In summer, apparently it’s very hot: shorts, dresses, t-shirts… (lightweight clothes). Can’t wait to use them!!

  • Swimsuits and especially your sunglasses which will be useful to you on a daily basis.

  • Slippers or if you don’t want like me, socks for the cold!!


The shoes:

  • I strongly advise you to have sneakers to be really comfortable during the walks. Heels if you want but with all slopes and downs good luck to you.!! Except if it’s for your job.

  • If you have them, beach sandals will come in handy as well or a sandal that you like for the warmer times.

  • Finally the most important: the only thing to remember before going to Malta is his good humor and his spirit of discovery !



My name is Iuana, I’m from French-Guiana 25 years old and I have never traveled far away alone, especially to live so far away from my family and friends.

For me leaving home was a very challenging decision to make because at the same time I wanted to live this experience I was going to have to leave my boyfriend behind.

My dog ​​that I consider my daughter, my family, and my friends. It was difficult but at the same time I was seriously thinking about my future and instead of creating barriers I tried at all costs to create opportunities with positive thoughts to make sure that I chase my dream. I always keep the mindset that: He who wants to succeed finds a way, he who does not want to find an excuse. So that motivation did not stop me from leaving, besides, I was so sure of myself that my family, friends and boyfriend all encouraged me to go on this adventure. I also keep in mind that: The real wisdom is constant determination.


The people who truly love you are always going to be there to encourage you to pursue your dreams.

What reassured me even more was the assurance and the confidence that Easy Job Bridge was already passing me from afar, the emails to show me the apartment, the room, the Skype calls, and emails to get my opinion on the internship they had found. All these little details that made the difference.

From the start we have been well supervised, everything has been well organized. I think I was also surrounded by people who were more independent than me, who are used to traveling so I watched them do it and I always asked questions.

Subsequently you will see how a shy person like me managed on my own in a foreign country to socialize and learn English because you’ll find you have to be very motivated to be able to leave abroad alone for 3 months and be far away from the people you leaned on before.


My group was very well prepared, but it varies according to the situation and circumstances. Even if we did not know each other before, we got along very well together. From the beginning we participated in meetings in order to know each stage of the trip, in order to be reassured about this decision and in order clarify any doubts, questions and unexpected surprises.

Photo taken a few hours before arriving in Malta, very anxious but always together!!

The day after we landed in Malta, we had the Welcome Meeting appointment with Easy Job Bridge. I personally found this appointment was a little too early since there was the jetlag, the fatigue of the trip and because we arrived very late at night. The next day we also had to do the Covid test and as soon as the swab-test results are in, the day after we met with our host companies. Although everything was happening so fast, with the heartwarming welcome from everyone we forgot all about the fatigue and stress.

Easy Job Bridge is only responsible for the Airport / Apartment transfer, also for the transportation to take you to the Introductory Meeting to meet the Host Company and so you see the placement location/ surroundings. For the ‘welcome meeting’ with Easy Job Bridge mentor you have to go to their office alone as transport is not provided. My mentor sent me a map how to get there, I had three solutions: Tallinja, Google Maps, or eCabs / Bolt. Malta is a small Island, so travelling does not take long, unless you are stuck in traffic. For the other appointments and everything else you must learn and manage on your own. I think that it’s a good thing to learn this skill as it makes you feel very independent.



Normally I use Tallinja. It’s an app where we you locate the nearest bus stops. Look at which bus you can take to the desired destination and what I find interesting is that they use GPS technology so the app estimates the time of arrival of the bus, if you miss a bus, you can see which other bus to take, you can order a bus in the “one demand” option and others…

At first, I didn’t have the patience to understand it properly Tallinja, I used Google maps, besides I had a good time using it. Now that I know how to use Tallinja, it’s more convenient, I downloaded my bus card, I can see my balance, I can top it up easily and even see my bus trips and transaction histories. If you’re patient, it only takes a moment to understand all of its features.

In the beginning I was a little scared to catch the bus because some people told me that it was unpleasant to take, however now that I am here, I can say that my experience is different, and I enjoy catching the bus to go to work.

For eCabs and Bolt applications I used to save myself when I was lost. Now I use it when I’m in a rush or when I do a lot of shopping for home. With Bolt, I like to order electric bikes and electric scooters.



Even though this is my first time in a foreign country it has not been too difficult for me to adjust. I do not feel homesick as much because everything is so new to me and I am learning something new every day. I’m so grateful for every discovery and every experience. Surly there are times when I miss my family and boyfriend, but it’s also important to do something you love for yourself in life.


The most important: YOUR INTERNSHIP

I love my internship experience as Sports-Host, it’s not within a sector I graduated in because I have a diploma in Tourism, but it was my second choice because I was volunteering in a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu academy. Due to the pandemic tourism is currently a slow sector, however I find that I am still happy to learn and have something else experience.


Despite the arrival at a complicated period when the brutal and unpredictable health crisis caused by the Covid19 destabilized the daily and economic life of the country.

After four weeks, the situation got worse with new measures introduced. Many businesses had to close doors as a healthy mitigation against the virus and many interns found themselves temporarily without an internship. Easy Job Bridge shown to be very competent and efficient as they found quick solutions right away so that we can still work temporarily and not waste time.



One of the most intimidating parts of doing an internship abroad is that everyone you meet is a complete stranger.

I’m a pretty shy person when I don’t know people and besides, I really don’t communicate well in English and here (at work or elsewhere) people often try to find out where you are from, what do you for work, how long will you be living in Malta. People are curious and show interest to get to know you, so for me it was pretty easy to make new friends. Moreover, I am so surprised I managed to get to know a lot of people in such a short time. I have only been here for 2 and a half months, so I imagine that if it wasn’t for the Covid situation, making new friends comes in abundance!

You must know that if you want to learn and make friends, you need to go out and socialize. You have to discover for yourself, or at least listen to the advice given to you from those who care about you. In Malta there are a multitude of activities and things to do that allow you to socialize. I have made many meetings with Chinese, Koreans, Turks, Belgians, Indians and Spaniards. Very beautiful multicultural context! Malta makes you feel safe so it’s easy to trust people from all over the world.

When I arrive here, I realize that I am not the only one living a long-distance relationship. What is good is that there is always someone with whom you can relate to or at least exchange feelings and worries.

I warm and soothe my heart with everything I love: Golden hour.

Chill time: here it’s really the place to relax.

The Flowers: I love to admire certain places, especially in Valletta where I find that there are a lot of flowers in the street.

The people with their dogs on the street: I have noticed that the Maltese are very fond of animals and they have more freedom to walk with them in closed places. Want to live here.

The sport and Jiu-jitsu Brazilian:


I was very afraid to disappoint myself with the cooking but since arriving I haven’t been disappointed. I love seafood, mainly shrimp!! There is also a lot of other delicious options.

And I find it easy to cook here, for the birthday of our neighbor who is also an intern, we made a nice meal and a delicious cake.

For home grocery you need to choose well, use supermarkets like Lidl, Valyou and Pama so you do not have to pay too much. But if you go to small shops, be careful not to buy too much stuff. One day I paid 90 euros at The Convenience Shop and I didn’t even buy a lot of things.

Avoid shops where they do not show prices so you are not charged extra.

For my birthday, some girlfriends and I went to a restaurant we came across while walking around:

The Black Pearl. Beautiful and chic setting!!

We ate very well, starter, main course and dessert, drunk well and really inexpensive.

We met with interns from our country who arrived three months before us.

And they made us discover a very good and cheap restaurant too: Brasa churrascaria.




While Malta’s main island has some great things to offer, so does its neighbors Gozo and Comino.

Every weekend the girls and I visited a new city or place. One of the places we really liked is the island of Gozo. It’s less urbanized and quieter. The girls and I only stayed one day and the activities were limited due to the Covid, so for the first time we did the most important for us: Victoria. All roads in Gozo lead to Rabat, also known as Victoria. The Citadel is visible from almost all the Island, rising steeply above the surrounding countryside. Victoria is not only the geographic heart of Gozo, but also the center of all daily activities.


I think it’s an amazing experience that everyone should have the chance to have. If you are lucky enough to leave, I wish you could have this experience.

The path was not really easy, choices, procedures, interviews to get this trip and then stay a lot of time far away in a foreign country far from people we do like, and live in shared accommodation with other interns . But the result is well worth all these efforts! So above all do not give up, attack from all sides, arm yourself with patience and you will end up winning the golden ticket!

That’s it, thank you.